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Rodington History Group was formed in 2012 by a handful of local residents who have been collecting images and documents relating to the local area to try and preserve them for the future.

The group have held two events at the village hall, a slide show held in October that year and a presentation on ‘The History and Future of the Canal’ in September 2013.

This website has been constructed using text taken from a booklet published in 1956 titled ‘A Short History of Rodington Parish 1086 – 1956′ by Miss G Carter & Mr H Walcot, and copies of documents, news cuttings and photographs donated by the people of the parish.

Do you have photos or documents that might be of interest to the group? If so please get in touch:

Other websites of interest:

www.sncanal.org.uk  – Shrewsbury and Newport Canal Trust

www.shropshire.gov.uk/archives – Shropshire Archives

www.rodingtonvillagehall.org.uk - the Village Hall Website






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