The Old Rectory

The Old Rectory before demolition

The Old Rectory before demolition





This was demolished to make way for the New House, which was erected in 1901, and may well have been one of the oldest houses in the Parish. We know that the Rectory was situated on the present site of the New House in 1685 and this was probably the site of the earliest Rectory, whenever that was built.
1840 Rectory Map

From the photograph, taken just prior to its demolition, it appears to have been a whitewashed and thatched house of much the same size and shape as the existing New House. It would no doubt have been of half-timbered construction and there was a pond lying to the south and near the road.

It is believed that when the New House was built the foundations of the Rectory were used and it is know that in the hall near the front door, on the left hand side, a few feet of the original brickwork was left and incorporated into the New House, probably to avoid some restriction imposed by the local byelaws on new houses.Chronicle article copy

Old Rectory Aerial pic


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