Rodenhurst Hall

A very old house, now of Victorian appearance from the exterior, having been faced in brick, probably in the middle of the 19th century. Beneath this brick the house is probably mostly of half-timbered construction. It is described in a Directory of 1871 as an Elizabethan house, partly rebuilt in 1851, and was of sufficient interest to be visited in 1864 by Prince Arthur.

It is believed that the house was rebuilt on its present site some 600 years ago. The earliest site of the house is believed to have been some 200 yards South East of the present house. The name Rodenhurst, formerly the name of Roden Hamlet, is believed to have come from the family first owing the land and house.

The main chimney breast of the house measures approximately 9’ x 13’ and is hollow. It is probably one of those early fireplaces around which one or two rooms of the original house were built, but which gave little heat into the main hall of the house.

The Parish boundary runs through the hall of the present house, the main reception rooms of which are in Rodington Parish and the kitchen quarters in High Ercall Parish, in which Parish all the farm buildings are also situated. Over this farm the Parish boundary runs in a most curious way, following in places a line which, as far as can be judged, has never been a hedge or boundary of any kind.

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