The Old Windmill

A012 - Windmill PhotographsThe circular tapered brick base of this stood on the boundary of fields numbered on the tithe map 309 and 321. The base was 21’ in diameter and 9’ high, with two opposed 3’ doorways and two 3’ square windows. The walls were 18” thick and two 12” x 10” beams supported a roof of sods on straw and brushwood.

The windmill, believed to have been a paper making mill,was first mentioned in 1829. It was not shown on the tithe map, but is shown on 1902 O.S sheets and is reputed to have been known with only the base remaining in 1890. It is likely to have been a wooden post mill on a brick base; having fallen into disuse the timber top would have been dismantled and put to other uses before 1842.

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